Here I am with my two nieces: Nora, on the left, who was at perfect snuggling age when this picture was taken. Now, she’s at the age where I only get a hug when I’m putting her to bed, and you better believe I’m not disturbing a finally sleepy child with a camera flash! And, a nuzzley Bailey, on the right. Can she breathe like that??

As we prepare for our first IVF cycle, I’ll take all the help I can get.  I’ve been eating better, regularly taking my prenatal vitamins, getting plenty of sleep, and snuggling extra babies.

Snuggling extra babies?   How will that help?

I have this theory that, the more time I spend around little kids and babies, the more susceptible my body will be towards getting pregnant.  A sort of “baby by osmosis,” if you will.  Baby vibes.  Now, this hypothesis is completely unsubstantiated by scientific research but, like I said, I’ll take all the help I can get, no matter how far-fetched.  Besides, who doesn’t like extra baby snuggles?

It just so happens that my sister-in-law went back to work last week after maternity leave.  I am the lucky Auntie who gets to watch her daughter, Bailey, every Monday.  A full day of Auntie and Bailey time.  What’s better than that?

I spent all of last Monday with the cutest, most cuddly baby who burrowed her face into my chest while she slept.  I even got a few sweet smiles while we played, smiles meant just for me.  I absolutely cannot wait until the next Auntie and Bailey day, when I can soak in some more Bailey love.

In the meantime, I also still watch my other niece, Nora, on Tuesdays.  Back-to-back days of baby vibes!  Miss Independent Nora is not much for snuggling these days, although I do take an extra few minutes rocking her to sleep when I put her to bed after an evening of playing, bath time and dinner.  I just can’t resist extra lovin’ from my beautiful nieces!

I’m so lucky that I get the time that I do with my nieces each week.  But, by my count, I have five days left out of the week with time to snuggle more babies.  Anyone need a babysitter?  Have a child’s birthday party coming up?  Send some baby vibes this girl’s way!



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