Tomorrow will not only be my daughter’s first birthday, but it will be my first “birth-day,” one that I will never forget and hope not to experience again.

My body has changed dramatically since the birth of my daughter, who weighed in at nine pounds! As I write this post I am currently going for physical therapy once a week for sciatica and for my pelvic bone being out of alignment. While I feel so much better since beginning therapy, it still hurts when I do a lot of physical activity.

I frequently think back to the time when I was in my hospital bed, unable to walk and gazing down the hall as other new moms were walking around holding their babies. That still upsets me and I wish that I was able to do the same – to enjoy the days and weeks after my delivery. The worst feeling in the world is having a new baby, juggling all the emotions and anxiety, while not being able to walk and even worse, care for your baby.

Because I was immobile for the first few weeks, I felt helpless, frustrated and sad.  While over time the majority of the pain and discomfort subsided, still, there is some that exists. Here I am one year later, attending physical therapy to heal my pelvic bone.

The one major lesson I’ve learned is that pregnant women need to exercise and stay active. This will not only help their muscles stretch during delivery, but heal them more quickly after birth. I wish I had stayed active during pregnancy, but I was just so exhausted and tired that I didn’t have any energy.

When the day comes when I deliver my second child, I am highly considering a c-section in hopes that I will not endure the pain I did on this delivery. Are there any mothers out there who went through a difficult first delivery and are not wanting a c-section for the second child?

All in all, I would go through what I did again to deliver a happy, healthy, loving little girl. However, I would prefer not to! 🙂

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