Whew! I Need a Vacation

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Tomorrow we are going on vacation for a week! Savannah, Georgia, here we come! One week of getting to sleep in, hang out with my family, eat, drink and be merry. But first I have to get out of here. It always seems like a major feat to get everything wrapped up, washed, packed, and out the door – on time. Getting to the airport is another story…but we’ll deal with that later. Instead of trying to keep it all in my head, I made a checklist. Here goes:

Get much-needed pedicure

Finish newsletter for work

Do laundry

Fill up gas tank

Pack GPS so we don’t get lost in rental car

Remember to remind “A” to bring his eyeglasses

Write and post CT Working Moms blog (check!!)

Make sure windows are all locked

Get cash from bank

Empty all garbage cans

Do more laundry

Check weather app on phone for Savannah, GA. High 70’s to 80’s

Have “A” try on summer clothes

Run to Old Navy to buy new shorts for “A” – after trying on, found they were too small

Make boarding reservation for dog

Arrange for neighbor to pick up mail

Dig out my summer clothes – not trying on

Buy travel size items from drugstore, consider self tanner and decide against it

Buy sunblock

Go into attic to find luggage. Rip off old airline bar-code stickers

Find cords for charging numerous electronic devices

Look for camera that is not attached to a phone

Find last year’s flip-flops

Alert other neighbor that we will be away and ask her to keep an eye on the house

Set “out of office response” on work email

Submit freelance article

Answer editor’s questions about above freelance article

Print e-tickets

Ask friends for Savannah restaurant recommendations

Throw in yet another load of laundry (how do three people wear so many clothes?)

Double check items that “A” packed – add another 4 t-shirts to the three that he packed for himself

Pack my own clothes

Empty the week’s leftovers from the refrigerator

Program next week’s social media posts for work

Let baseball coach know that “A” will not be at games or practice next week

Shave legs & pits

Do yet another load of laundry

Squeeze large bottles of shampoo into tiny carry-on size bottles

Encourage husband to pack tonight rather than rushing in the morning – unsuccessful

Check, check and check. Now I’m ready to go. Now let’s hope that there’s no traffic getting to the airport.  See you next week!



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  • Jen Seiderer

    OMG, I hope you had these all printed out with little checkboxes next to them. I’d never get it all done otherwise! Good luck and enjoy!

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