* Disclaimer: This post is meant for fun only. I am not an alcoholic so please refrain from giving me lectures, calling CPS or sending me AA literature.


When I was growing up we’d always go to my Grandma’s house for Sunday dinner. It was a family tradition. Even though I don’t have family around me now, Sundays still feel like they should have a tradition around them, so hubby and I started one of our own. Last night we invited some friends over for our first weekly tradition of “Sundays in the Tap Room.” (We have a restaurant-type room in lieu of a formal dining room. It has a wooden restaurant booth, a popcorn machine and it’s very own 3 tap kegerator for hubby’s home brews. Dudes, it rocks!)

our Popcorn Machine named "Poppy."

our Popcorn Machine named “Poppy.”

Our first “Sunday in the Tap Room” was nothing short of awesome. Great friends who helped us cook and clean up, kiddos who LOVED  playing together, and  lots of laughter. There was also a lot of beer, wine, and prosecco. Which brings me to the reason of why you’re going to thank me for this post. It’s obvious to me that if “Sundays in the Tap Room” are going to become tradition, we’re also going to need a tradition of “Super-Speedy-Hangover-Cures.”

This morning I could have (read: should have) woken up headachey and exhausted but I actually feel fine and I totally attribute it to the following things:

* 3 Tylenol swallowed with a couple of swigs of coke. This has always been my stand-by for headache or hang-over. Coke is a secret weapon that only few know about.

* Homeopathic Nux Vomica 30C. Now if homeopathics sound weird to you, let me assure you that all you have to do is put 5 of these little pellets under your tongue and let it dissolve. If Coke is a secret weapon, Nux Vomica is a super-secret weapon. Indeed it has become a staple in our household. In fact, hubby has come to depend on it so much that he actually almost slapped my hand when he saw me sharing it with our friends. It is THAT GOOD. Run, don’t walk to your local health store and get yourself some Nux Vomica before your next girl’s night out. TRUST ME!

Now, before you start thinking I’m a total boozer I just want to state for the record that AVOIDING hang-overs is a number one priority for me. I always know when to stop drinking so I’ll wake up feeling fine the next day. And also for the record I can really either take or leave alcohol…I just think taking it is a little more fun.

So, if like me, you like to have a little fun some days it’s smart to have a back-up hang-over plan.

Here are some other little gems:

* Ginger fizz juice. Put 1/4 inch slice ginger root in a juicer with one apple. Add sparkling water. This is super yum. Don’t need a hangover to enjoy!

* Alka-seltzer

* Pedialyte (it’s true, I googled it!)

* Pickle juice (I’m soooo not trying this.)

And the number one hangover cure based on my internet search is:

* Drink again the next morning!

While that last one made me laugh, I’m certainly not one to partake with my children over my Cheerios. Even though….hmmmmm….it could make the playground a little more interesting.

Happy (Non-Hung-Over) Magical Monday!

Our Tap Room. Wanna Come Over?

Our Tap Room. Wanna Come Over?

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