There are times as a mom when you know that your child is sick and you need to call the doctor ASAP, and then there are times when you your child is having some issue that is concerning but you are not really sure if it warrants a call to the pediatrician. 

The question is what do you do under the latter circumstances?  You can drive yourself batty by not making the call and instead obsessing over your kid’s cough, runny nose, poor appetite, rash, or whatever the case may be.  You can spend hours staring at the computer googling your child’s symptoms over and over again not always knowing if the information you are getting is trustworthy.  You can stay up all night worrying about whether you are doing the right thing.  But why would you do any of these things when chances are that a quick call to the doctor would put your mind at ease? 

Trust me when I tell you to make the phone call if something is really bothering you and please  try not to worry about inconveniencing your child’s pediatrician.  I am certain that a doctor choosing to practice pediatrics was aware that the job would not only be very rewarding giving him or her the opportunity to help sick children feel better but it would also involve reassuring the minds of worrywart moms and advising new parents on all things baby.

A good rule of thumb is that if you are wondering whether you should call your pediatrician, then you should call.  My mom taught me that and I’m grateful for the lesson.  I used to call my mom before I called our pediatrician to ask my mom if I should call the doctor but now I just call the doctor’s office.  Thanks Mom! Our pediatric nurse is exceptional and always has great advice.  Just talking to the nurse puts my mind at ease and she never makes me feel like I am bothering her no matter how small the issue.

But what if it’s the weekend or a holiday?  There should always be an on-call physician available and while you may feel hesitant to bother a doctor on the weekend, I am here to remind you that this is part of their job and if they are on-call, they are technically working.  Why spend your whole weekend wondering and worrying when you can take a few minutes to speak with a doctor and know that you have done all that you can for your under-the-weather cutie.  The doctor will tell you what you need to do (or that you don’t need to do anything) and you won’t be worrying about whether you are caring for your child appropriately.  This is important because it can be hard to be on your mommy A-game if your mind is preoccupied about your child’s well-being.

I once “bothered” the on-call doctor for a diaper rash on Easter Sunday.  Yes, a diaper rash.  The doctor was not annoyed and I felt so much better after talking to him.  He calmed me down and told me what I needed to do to help my poor baby’s bottom.  It was honestly the worst diaper rash ever, fire red and extremely raw, and my poor little girl was inconsolable during every diaper change.  Guess what?  I don’t regret making the call.

So please don’t hesitate.   Pick up the phone and dial up that doc when in doubt.  A good pediatrician won’t mind taking the time to help you out.

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