Photo credit C.Allard

Photo credit C.Allard

This is Nora. She’s nearly two. Nora still loves to nurse.

We don’t do it as often as we used to. As a busy toddler, sometimes she just can’t find the time. But she still absolutely needs a snuggle first thing in the morning, and usually looks for me when she’s tired or when she feels I’m not giving her my undivided attention.

I never imagined we’d still be here. I wasn’t sure I’d make it past our first week breastfeeding, let alone our first year; forget about year two – or beyond, as it now appears.

I’ve inaccurately predicted the end of our breastfeeding relationship several times against various benchmarks.

Like when I bought the economy sized prenatal vitamins and figured we’d have weaned by the time I finished it and wouldn’t have to buy another…that jumbo bottle came and went.

Or when at cheerleading camp last summer, I just *knew* I wouldn’t be pumping at camp next year…well, we’ll see what happens come August.

I’m ready to fully wean but it’s hard to resist when she cuddles up to me and drags my arm around her body in a hug, keeping her close. There are times when I feel like nursing is an inconvenience to me, but it really is our chance to reconnect, even after spending nearly every day together, even after all this time. I find myself pushing to wean less, trusting that it’ll happen when it’s right, for both of us. I may see a little girl emerging (too) fast, but she’s still my sweet baby.

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