I’ve been holding this surprise in and I am so excited the secret is finally out! I have a special gift for each of my CTWM’s bloggers.


Did you know that there are 25 people currently writing for this website? YES! 25 working moms that each week give a little bit of their time to write blog posts that are honest, sometimes sad, sometimes funny and usually inspirational. I really care about each one of them.

I do my best to make my bloggers feel appreciated, loved and supported as often as possible. Occasionally this means I give them gifts and today is one of those magical days! Surprise ladies!

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it seemed like a wonderful time to say a public thank you to them for their commitment to the website and for being part of this wonderful working moms sisterhood vibe we have going. Whole Foods Glastonbury helped me out and hooked me up with bags for each them and all of the items are perfect gifts for mother’s day!

Each bag has different stuff in it so here’s a sampling of what they are getting:


Above: Dr. Bronner’s Soap, Vitamins, face lotion and Kiss My Face Soap!


Above: Socks (who knew?!), conditioner and Green Superfood (I’ve seen this at Whole Foods and always wanted to try it!)


Above: Facial Mask, Superfood Bar (Whole Foods is keeping us healthy!)


Above: Lavender & avocado conditioner (swoon!), Yummy veggie chips, Sports Fix Body Spray


Above: Vermont Soaps, Beauty Mask and More Vitamins (my daughter’s hand is pictured as well, she wanted everything!)


Above: Beautiful jewelry! What mama doesn’t want jewelry as a gift? Whole Foods has a whole section of clothes, candles, jewelry and more.

I could seriously go on, there is so much awesomeness in these bags. If you are reading this and need to get a gift for a special mom in your life, look no further than Whole Foods. If you want your partner to get you some of the stuff above, send them this blog post as a little hint!

Here’s what it comes down to: my bloggers freaking rock (so does Whole Foods, obv). They are incredible women and I love reading each and every one of their blog posts. Happy Mother’s Day to you lovely ladies! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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