Little sang me this song the other night.  It’s called “The Statue Song.”

“Staaaaa chooooo . . .
Are you okay?
‘Cause you’re not a statue,
You’re Mama!
And you kiss everyone
With magic.”

Then he ended it with a flourish and a “Coo coo kachoo!” {swoon}

Magic kisses for everyone!
Photo credit JSeiderer


Me:  “Why are you being so mean today?”
Big:  “Because I’m practicing to be a villain when I grow up.”

I don’t think he needs the practice; he’s already a master.
Photo credit JSeiderer


Little: “Shush.”
Big:  “No, you shush, Little.”
Little:  “‘SHUSH,’ I said!”
Big:  “No, Little, I won’t shush.  You just stop talking.”
Little:  “NO I WILL NOT!  You shush your mouth.”
Little:  “No, YOU shush YOUR mouth!”
Big:  “Little, let’s just talk about this when we get home.”
Little:  “When we get home, I’m gonna spank your head.”

By the time we got home, all threats of head-spanking had been forgotten.
Photo credit JSeiderer


Me:  “Okay, let’s go poop on the potty now.”
Little:  “You count.”
Me:  “One, two, three . . .poop!”
Little:  “No, you say, ‘Push it out!'”
Me:  “Okay.  One, two, three . . . push it out!”
(Nothing happens.)
Me:  “You didn’t go poop.”
Little:  “Now you say, ‘Dammit!'”
Me:  “I’m not gonna say dammit.”
Little:  “Okay, I’ll say dammit.  ‘Dammit.’ And I’m still not going to go poop.”

Now YOU say dammit!
Photo credit JSeiderer



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