20 Reasons my Mom ROCKS:

1. I always, always knew I was loved as a child.

2. Until I was about 10 years old I was very shy and my Mom was my trust-worthy security blanket. Although I think she would have preferred me being less shy, she never made me think there was something wrong with me because of it.

3.  She wasn’t one to regularly buy junk food (much to the chagrin of this junk-food-junkie) but when I started earning my own money with my paper route she let me buy whatever I wanted. Suffice to say, I spent most of my money on chips, candy, and soda.

4. When I declared at 11 years old that I wanted to gain weight, my mother obliged me by making me a chocolate malted every day after school. Even though I didn’t gain any weight from that (oh, the blessings of childhood!) I so enjoyed our daily chocolate ritual for awhile.

5. Almost every week my Mom made homemade cookies for our school lunch dessert. I always enjoyed making cookies with my Mom.

6. I was a picky eater and mostly stopped eating red meat at an early age. My mom supported this and accommodated me.

7.  Because I was a picky eater my Mom always let me taste the dinner fixings as she was making them. She never let my dad or my brother do that, and it always made me feel special.

8. My Mom always took AWESOME care of me when I was sick. One time when I was really sick she surprised me with a small stuffed Paddington Bear. I loved that bear so much.

9.  I loved the smell and feel of my Mom’s cheeks when I was a kid. She always felt like a peach.

10.  When it would get REALLY hot in the summer, my mom and I would sit on our front porch with our feet in a bucket of cold water. I loved doing that with her.

11.  My Mom’s religious beliefs changed during my childhood and she actually stopped going to church. When it was time for my confirmation she said it was up to me whether or not I wanted to do it. I chose not to and she made it seem really okay, even though I was the only kid in the group to make that choice.

12.  My Mom really got into the metaphysical world and she openly shared all of it with me….which I still consider one of the greatest gifts she could have given me.

13.  There was a period of time in my teens where I was the dreaded rebel child. Even though this was a difficult time for my Mom and it took her years to forgive me, I’m ever-so-thankful that she gave me a safe place to challenge authority and think for myself. Even though this sort of personality is a nightmare for parents, I can see where it has served me in my adult years. I left a good job to start my own business with my husband, I chose to have unassisted births and I’m choosing to unschool my children. All these choices are in alignment with  my soul’s purpose and I’m ever so grateful my Mom gave me a safe, loving place to practice.

14.  In my adult life my Mom has never been one to give me a guilt trip….EVER. I realize what a tremendous blessing this is and I’m ever-so-grateful.

15.  When my parents come to visit us from Maine, they bring food, help cook and help clean. Can you IMAGINE better guests?

16. Though my Mom may not fully agree with my “unschooling” approach with my children, she respects me and accepts it. When she does question it occasionally, I know it’s coming from a place of LOVE.

17.  When my third baby was born, my Mom came to stay with us for 10 days during her summer vacation. It is truly one of my most fond memories.

18.  My Mom knew when to stop parenting me in my adult years and now she’s just a beloved friend. Not many parents know how to do this with their children. I know that’s why we don’t have any drama. Again, this is a beautiful gift.

19.  My Mom and I have some wonderful metaphysical conversations when we visit and I really cherish this. I don’t feel like our visit is complete until we can get our cosmic on!

20.  My Mom likes to drink beer…and GOOD beer. Can’t really get much more rockin’ than that.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. You did a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL job.  Thank you. ♥

My Mom

My Mom (with two of my beautiful boys)

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