I didn’t really have big plans for mother’s day yesterday. I was happy just hanging around doing the same old thing. I went for a run in the morning and decided to head to the Odiyana Center for a Sunday meditation class. Turns out the meditation was specific for mother’s day and focused on remembering the kindness of our mother. Even more than that though, the emphasis was about how important kindness is in general. We would not be where we are today without the kindness of others. The meditation was just beautiful and a wonderful reminder about how I want to live my life.

I was inspired after leaving class to do something during mother’s day to thank OTHER mothers. I decided to embark on some random acts of kindness and to take the opportunity to teach my daughter about the importance of doing nice things for other people. She’s almost 2 now so I feel like she can really understand that doing thoughtful things for other people makes them happy. So, we went to Stop & Shop as a family, picked out a few bouquets of flowers and headed out to surprise some mamas we know and a whole lot of mamas we’ve never met before.


My daughter and hubby

After getting our flowers we were ready to get started wishing mamas a happy mother’s day and we ran into a friend of mine I haven’t seen in a year, right in the parking lot! So of course, Lillian gave out her first flower.

Giving Kathy a flower in the Stop & Shop parking lot. (Credit: Michelle Noehren)

Giving Kathy a flower in the Stop & Shop parking lot.

Then we decided to surprise my soul-mate of a friend Christa with a flower (and some chocolates too!). She wasn’t home so we left them on her front step. Love you Christa!

A little something to say I love you.

A little something to say I love you.

Then we stopped at my husbands grandma’s house (my daughters great grandma) and naturally had to give her a flower too!

A flower for great grandma!

A flower for great grandma!

Then it was time to do some random acts of kindness for strangers. We headed to a local playground and had a blast spreading mother’s day cheer! (We knew NONE of the mother’s below – my husband thought I was a little nuts but went along with it)




These women were SO happy to get flowers. They said it was the highlight of their day!

These women were SO happy to get flowers. They said it was the highlight of their day!



We had SO much fun walking around looking for mamas to surprise with a little gift. Every time I asked Lillian to say happy mother’s day to a mom she said “Happy Birthday!” because she doesn’t get the difference yet but honestly it made it even cuter. Each mom just lit up with happiness (and I think you can even see that in the photos) and I have to believe that we helped make their mother’s day a little more special.

Seeing my daughter happily giving pretty flowers to others instead of trying to keep them for herself was just incredibly heart warming. My husband just watched us and didn’t participate so when we left I asked him what he thought. He told me that he’s too shy to just randomly walk up to people but that he could tell the moms were loving it. They say that random acts of kindness spread and while I don’t know if receiving a flower led to any other acts of kindness, I do know that whether he admits it or not, it did impact my husband.

When we got home from our adventure, my husband went out and mowed the lawn of my neighbor. My neighbor’s house caught on fire this past November and she hasn’t been able to live there so her yard was really overgrown. He took it upon himself to do a little act of kindness for her (another mother!) and I couldn’t help but have a huge smile on my face watching him cut that grass.


I loved this little experiment in kindness so much that I think we’ll make it a yearly mother’s day tradition.


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