About three months ago, I found myself alone, again, on a Friday night.  My husband and I work a lot — demanding jobs in which we love the work.  We made a commitment, though, to try our hardest to work in such a way that will impact our kids the least.  So, there are many nights I work from home after the kids have gone down and he goes back into the office.   We were never much for watching things together; he plays video games and I watch reality TV, so there is no need to feel bad about any of this.  We’re okay with it.  Well, I’m okay with it most nights.  On Fridays I choose not to work while for my husband, Friday night seems to work the best as a sort of end of week wrap-up.  Also, if he works on Friday night, he doesn’t feel obliged to go in during the weekend, which we both prefer.

If I had seen this written even 5 years ago I would have been horrified.  We used to love going out on Friday nights.  But nowadays, with an almost 4-year-old and 1-year-old at home, our weekends are jam-packed action.  I barely sit down all weekend and am constantly moving (which I love) but I need energy, so a low-key Friday in front of the TV is right up my alley.  Unfortunately, Friday night television programming just doesn’t cut it.  I OD’d on murder/abduction mystery shows during my second pregnancy and we don’t have On Demand (don’t even get me started).  By Friday, I’ve seen all the reality TV I need to see in a week.

JenniferAnistonHWoFFeb2012So, this one night, about three months ago, I looked through the comedy and the new release sections of iTunes and Netflix and was disappointed yet again by what I saw.  That’s when the thought crossed my mind — Romantic Comedy.  Hmmm.  I clicked Browse and scrolled down to romantic movies.  Click.  And there she was, right before my eyes… Jennifer Aniston.  Ahhh.  I all but stopped watching movies during and post college, and when I did watch, the movie needed to appeal to both me and my husband so the majority of romantic comedies were vetoed.  But there it was, an entire page full of romantic comedies, fully of crazy plot lines that end in the girl getting the guy.  My Friday nights are a lot different than they once were, but these days, I’m enjoying being cuddled up on the couch catching up on the many romantic comedies I’ve missed during the last decade.

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