A few weeks ago when we were at CT Children’s Medical Center for my daughter’s ear tube surgery, she did something that was so kind and thoughtful for a one-year old, that it took my breath away. Whether she exactly knew what she was doing or not, I am still taking what I observed as a small act of kindness.

It began when we were in the pre-operating room and she noticed that the older children who were also scheduled for surgery, seemed upset and nervous. She started to pull out of my arms, which rarely happens, and pointed to the little girls. I brought her over to the girls who were laying in their hospital beds and immediately she started to smile and in return so did they. A short dialogue between my one-year old and the older girls occurred, with more giggles and smiles. Our daughter was having so much fun keeping these girls happy! It simply melted both my husband and I’s hearts.

So we thought to ourselves, why not make this a fun time in the pre-operating room, so we did what any parent would do – we placed our daughter in the push scooter and drove her from hospital bed to hospital bed saying hello and throwing some “high-fives.”

Maddie visiting other patients

It was the sweetest moment any parent could have at a hospital and really spoke of the personality I hope my daughter embraces as she grows up.  Someone who cares for others, before herself. Someone who wants to make everyone laugh and smile and see the bright side of a difficult time.

Small acts of kindness can really happen at any age and this really showed me that while she is still a baby, she’s got a heart of gold and a soul to help others.


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