Hi ya’ll! Yesterday was my daughters second birthday so I didn’t do my usual weekly video blog and I thought I would do it today, but alas, she now has a stomach bug so I’m short on time. Instead of my v-log, below you’ll find links to the top 5 posts from last week. Thanks for reading! Hopefully I’ll be back to video blogging for next weekend 🙂

#1: Marriage is Hard by Jen

#2: Cleaner Living: Best Sunscreens for 2013 by Dena

#3: Hate the Way Your Husband Dresses? Have More Sex! by Sarah Bourne

#4: To 4 or not to 4 (which ironically is the #4 most read post!) by Elise

#5: The Honest Truth: It Took Time to Love My Baby by Yours Truly, Michelle

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend! Our bloggers are off tomorrow so we’ll be back in action on Tuesday.



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