It’s that time of year where these stir-crazy kids can now play outside almost every day after school. Spring into summertime is so exciting as a kid. They can get outside and run around like looneybirds all day long. Moms everywhere love it too!

We have a wonderful neighborhood where kids are out riding their bikes from dusk until dawn, it’s reminiscent of when I was a kid and we were on our bikes all day. I am not an overly cautious, neurotic parent but I have certain major rules about safety, especially outdoor safety. One of my biggest issues is bike safety.

We have a rule in our house, “no helmet, no bike.”

My kids know it and they repeat it. I put my helmet on when I’m on my bike even if it’s to ride in circles in a 100 yard area.

No helmet, no bike.

However, it is a big pet peeve – it bugs me to no end – that 90% of the kids that ride around in our neighborhood are sans helmets. My boys know that even though the other kids aren’t wearing helmets, my rule still applies. But it still bothers me that so many kids (and adults) are on their bikes without helmets.


I am not perfect. A few months ago, this happened:

bike crash
My older son crashed. It wasn’t the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last. He took the training wheels off around his fifth birthday and had not slowed down since. The issue is that he doesn’t always think. This incident happened because he was riding mach 5, then stopped, not thinking to communicate to the kid riding behind him that he was stopping.

First of all, parenting fail for not teaching him this yet:

Secondly, Andrew was wearing a helmet that day, but when I looked at the wounds, I realized that while the helmet protected the majority of his head, it wasn’t fitted correctly. His forehead shouldn’t have made contact with the ground that way.

I’ve stepped up my helmet safety. We have kids that come over to play and helmets get shared. Each time a kid puts on a different helmet, I’ve now realized I need to stop and check it.

Photo Credit and Bike Safety Tips

Photo Credit and Bike Safety Tips


I’m begging my parent friends out there to please put a helmet on your kids. Put one on yourself. And constantly remind yourself to double check and update the helmets as needed.

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