Before you read this and think that I’m going to use this space to scold on other people’s rowdy kids acting up in restaurants, or pass judgment on other mommas out there, I’ll save you the trouble- I’m not.  I’m actually going to talk to you about a working mom truth.  You may recall my post last week about my beyond hectic schedule at work during the waning weeks of the Legislative Session.  With 5 more working days separating me from seeing my family during the light of day, I am totally in work focus mode.  And with that, comes the sad reality that I see even less of my happy bouncy two-year old son.

A friend of mine at work sends her son to a daycare that does something totally amazing- she gets about 5 pictures e-mailed to her DAILY of her son.  Her son at play, her son smiling and sitting in his high chair eating lunch, and a daily log of her son’s schedule.  Just today she received 7, yes 7 pictures of him.  She came by my desk and with puppy dog eyes I looked at her and asked, “Can I see him? Please!?”  Yes. I have resorted to swooning over other people’s children.  If I can’t see my own, “Ooooohing” and “Awwwwing” over my adorable friend’s kid with the thick head of dark hair and pinchable cheeks comes a close second to seeing my own during the day.

I’d normally post up a pic of my own sweet boy here, but I’ve been too busy to take them.  Guess you’ll have to settle for some shots of our Momma & Jake McDonald’s lunch date.  It’s going to have to last me till next week!



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