Since I had kids vacations just don’t carry the same meaning.  With two young boys and a baby there is no laying on the beach, there’s no lounging around reading and relaxing, there’s no dawdling shopping trips and there is no bar-hopping….so, wait… why did we plan this vacation again?

You’d think 8 years into this parenting thing I’d finally understand that when you have children a “vacation” does not mean a break, and it certainly doesn’t mean more rest. In our experience it’s actually just more WORK. And now I’m remembering why we haven’t had a formal vacation in a couple of years. Seems to me the only benefit of vacationing while you have kids is the opportunity to start drinking earlier in the day…’cause “hey, we’re on vacation!”

I’m writing this post while I’m on vacation in Maine. We’ve been gone for 3 nights visiting both sets of Grandparents and have 2 more to go….and we’re seriously thinking of packing up early and heading home. If this post keeps going in this whining direction, I’m probably going to have to start packing right after I’m done, so let me try to reframe our vacation and note the nice things that have happened while we’ve been gone.

(long pause while I think really hard……)

Okay, my favorite things about this vacation so far have been:

* Going to Whole Foods as soon as we got to Portland. We don’t have one near us at home, so it’s fun to go there whenever we have the opportunity. My whole family loves it.

* Going for a BEAUTIFUL run in the Nature Preserve behind my in-laws house. I LOVE this trail ~ you follow babbling brooks, rivers, and waterfalls the whole time. Definitely a BIG HIGHLIGHT!

* Watching my boys play with their cousins. They don’t see each other that often, yet they love each other so much (my 6 year old niece might love my 8 year old a little TOO MUCH…but we won’t go there…).

* Smelling the salt water. Long Island Sound doesn’t have the same smell. I LOVE the smell of salt water.

* Going to a favorite of restaurant of hubby’s and mine called “$3 Deweys'” for popcorn, chowder and beer with my boys. (Yes, my boys had beer too….root beer.)

* Taking my parents out to dinner last night to a great place in Kittery called “When Pigs Fly” ~ a GREAT pizzeria (with a great beer selection.)

* Taking my boys to the beach first thing this morning for a couple of hours.

* Knowing that A LOT of the beach people here on York Beach (where we are currently staying) will be going back to work and school tomorrow….and we get to stay another day that will be MUCH QUIETER.

* Having internet access so my cyber-sisters can keep me sane!

* The hope that in the next 2 nights here I will somehow, someway  find a way to say “Hey! That was a GREAT vacation!” (It could happen!)

So, maybe I won’t pack up to go home just yet. But you can bet I’m going to my mini-fridge to grab a beer…


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