Watching my daughter change from an adorable baby into a beautiful toddler is nothing short of…seriously awesome. We all know the big ways in which the toddler stage is memorable – the mix of the good and the bad with tantrums, bear hugs and mood swings – but right now, these are the top three things I’m LOVING about two-year-old Nora:

1.  Pigtail twirling

After managing a curly mullet for the last year, I’m thrilled that we can now get her hair into the most adorable pigtails. My favorite part is seeing her twirl the right one around her finger while she is preoccupied with a television show.

Pigtails! Photo credit C.Allard

Photo credit C.Allard

2.  Word memorizing

Every so often she’ll surprise me and repeat something I didn’t know she had been paying attention to. Singing along to a song on the radio (like chiming in on the T-Swift part on this one), “reading” me a current favorite book (and knowing which words coordinate with which illustration), or repeating something she’s heard on TV (my first clue that we’ve watched Cinderella too many times in the last week was when Nora leaned over to me yesterday and said, in her best jumbly toddler vocabulary, “Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom…”).

Always telling me something. Photo credit R.Allard

Always telling me something.
Photo credit R.Allard

3.  Belly laughing

My favorite sound of all time just may be a toddler’s belly laugh. Followed closely by a toddler snorting when she belly laughs. Just like her mommy.

Sheer joy! Photo credit C.Allard

Sheer joy!
Photo credit C.Allard

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