I’ve had a quiet, sleepy weekend recovering from an AWESOME event (Michelle will be telling you all about it very soon!)  so this Magical Monday I’m doing a simple gratitude list. Count your blessings with me, won’t you, Dear Sister?

Today I’m grateful for:

* Quiet, sleepy weekends. Often it’s not easy for me to relax into the ebb…but I know it’s necessary and I always emerge recharged and revitalized.

* The ability to watch some movies over the weekend. This really doesn’t happen much but my family seemed to know I needed the down-time.

* Solar lights in my garden! They make me so happy!

* Trying to catch fire-flies with my boys in the yard last night.

* Internet connections and my cyber-sisters who keep me sane on MANY occasions.

* Grilled hamburgers.

* Iced-tea!

* My baby sleeping very well all week in his own bed ~ a truly, truly WONDERFUL thing!

* Groceries in bulk. Though I don’t particularly enjoy shopping in bulk, I DO enjoy the bounty when I get home and it’s all put away.

* Coma-like-sleep. It’s been very welcomed lately.

* Good dark beer brewed by my dearest hubby.

* The flowers starting to bloom in my gardens.

* My natural swim pond should be fully installed this week. YAY!

Start your Monday with a little magic ~ what are YOU grateful for today? I love you! ♥

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