I want to read a book. Not a Dr. Seuss, Todd Parr or Mo Willems book. While those are my books of choice for reading with the boys, I want to read…for ME.

I miss reading. I miss sitting on a couch with a book, maybe even a cup of tea at my side.

My renewed obsession has been evidenced by a recent splurge on Amazon.com (to the chagrin of my wife) and I’ve purchase 5-6 new books in the past few weeks. They are very neatly stacked on my nightstand waiting to be read.

I really want to read them. I want to read them when I can focus my full attention. These are books that I really want to read in the still quiet so I can absorb what they have to offer me.

But there is a problem I’m trying to iron out and it’s called my schedule. I realize there are things I can tweak in this daily routine, but I’m still not seeing the 60 minutes of uninterrupted quiet reading time popping out at me.

For example, the following schedule was my day on Tuesday, a fairly normal day in our world. (Most weekdays – like this particular day – my wife works 5-after midnight, so it’s single mom duty for me)

  • 5:20 am I wish I could say the alarm startles me awake, but lately, I’ve been up for the past 25 minutes hoping to fall back asleep before my alarm goes off
  • 5:40-6:15 treadmill @ neighbor’s house (got my daily dose of talking head news on TV)
  • 6:20-6:45 our “morning charge” that we babysit school mornings gets dropped off and the morning routine of feeding and entertaining him begins
  • 7:00 in the shower while my 2 boys wake up
  • 7:30 dressed and back downstairs for coffee, prepare lunch for work, get backpacks loaded up
  • 8:00 out the door with 2 of the 3 kids (hopefully dressed, fed, teeth brushed and library book in backpack)
  • 8:15 leave the school parking lot after drop-off
  • 8:22 at work (love my commute)
  • 8:30-6 pm work (I don’t usually take a lunch but am working on a small break here and there to go for a walk outside)
  • 6:15 pick up boys at the sitter
  • 6:30-7 pm have a little “outside” time with the boys before they will go into the house
  • 7-8 pm make dinner, corral the boys to sit and eat dinner, get the daily recap from the boys’ day, maybe wrap up any homework, hopefully work on Andrew’s speech therapy or sight words
  • 8 pm BATH TIME!
  • 8:15 Family game night OR book reading/quiet play in boys’ room
  • 8:45-9 pm bedtime for the boys
  • 9-10 pm dishes, some clean up, light laundry (total disclaimer: my wife does the bigger clean up stuff usually when she’s home during the day but I do the “make this house not look like a total disaster when the wife gets home” thing), check work emails or respond to work requests, write a blog entry, answer personal emails, go through mail, etc.
  • 10-10:20: Meditation (this doesn’t happen as often as I’d like)
  • 10:30 crawl into bed and do a little check up on facebook, my “with friends” games on the iPhone, see how badly my fantasy baseball team is getting beat, etc. (Note: I’ve pretty much stopped watching TV almost entirely)
  • 11 pm body, mind and eyes are exhausted but I open a book on my nightstand hoping to read a chapter. Body, mind and eyes drift off into random tired thoughts and I close the book.

Of course, the schedule varies day to day, but that’s pretty much how it goes. I know there are things in my day I could make more efficient. And I’m sure I could have more “mommy time” if I took away from the “family time” but I don’t want to do that either. I love my time and moments with the boys. But I still would love to find a way to read. Some day soon.


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