A few weeks ago I did a post about how we women hate our boobs and at the end I said the only way to combat these feelings is to get a good bra.  Well now my lovelies, I’m going to show you how to do it!  When I told my fellow CT Working Moms bloggers that I was taking on this task lots of  women agreed about the importance of wearing bras that fit.  Even so, 80% of women wear the wrong bra size.  That means when we recently got together for our awesome Love More, Judge Less photo shoot, approximately 4 of us were wearing the wrong size.  One blogger was confident she was wearing the right size though because she had recently gotten fitted.  She was even brave enough to show us a before and after of her “improvements”.

photo 2

A brave fellow blogger before:
(This bra was actually
two band sizes too big!)

photo 1

A brave fellow blogger after:
(See the difference?
Even her shirt fits better)


Do your boobs look all squished together like a picture in a Victoria’s Secret catalog?  Do your breasts look saggy?  Is your band on the last hooks or riding high in the back?  Do your cups runneth over?  If you answered yes to any of these question it’s time for a change.

Sadly, since I started thinking about this post I’ve acquired bra-goggles.  Everywhere I look I see women wearing the wrong bra.   It’s driving me crazy.  I wish I could hand out little pink slips on the street that say “you’re wearing the wrong bra, you’re due for a fitting”.  Actually, you should get fitted every 6 months, which is the same amount of time you should wear a bra before replacing it.  There are plenty of reasons why our breast size changes over time.  We gain or lose weight, we stop breast feeding, we go through a major hormone change.  If you’re worried about the size of your breasts you should remind yourself that they’ll look and feel better in the right bra.  I’ll even confess something to you: before I recently got new bras, it had been THREE YEARS (pre-Kitten) since the last time I had bought new ones.  Shameful.  I have no excuse, and now neither do you.

Ok, maybe one excuse that I’m going to resolve for you.  The thought of having someone else grope my boobs to find out what size I am is not my idea of a good time.  It’s a bit like going to second base with a stranger.  No thank you.  Apparently as I’ve heard from many people the ladies at Nordstrom are very good at the groping bra-fitting, so if that’s your thing, run don’t walk to Nordies and get new bras!  If you’re like me and want to figure out what size you are on your own, keep reading.

Not my idea of a good time. Why is she making eye contact!?

The infographic below is from herroom.com.*  Using these tips I was able to get some well-fitting bras.  I have also had good experiences with Figleaves.com (although they have a very tedious return procedure) and Ladygrace.com.  Lady Grace has stores in MA, NH, and ME if you are in that area.  Due to my big uncommon bra size I typically can’t find my size in stores but there are good places out there (like Nordstrom), just promise me you’ll stop buying cheap bras at Target, Walmart, and Kohl’s.  There are a few other tips I found helpful in my quest for the perfect over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.

Bra Measuring - Infographic
  •  Please, please, please fit yourself for a bra on a day when you feel great about yourself.  If you try to do it on a day  you’re not feeling great it will be like trying to swim upstream.
  • Likewise, be honest with yourself about your true size.  I think part of the reason it took me so long to buy new bras was because I really didn’t want to admit that my boobs were as big as they were.  Get over it.  No one else will know your bra size unless you tell them.
  • Use the guidelines above to measure yourself.  Take measurements in a bra you think fits well and without.  Next, without your bra bend at the waist so your back is parallel to the floor and with your tape measure perpendicular to the floor take your measurements again.  Full disclosure: I learned that trick on Pinterest.  Compare all three measurements and then use the LARGEST one.
  • Now that you have your measurements it’s time to go shopping.  The fun part! I prefer to shop online, but you can go to the store if you want (I give you permission).  I think at least 3 bras of varying styles is a good place to start.  Be prepared to shell out some cash.  Good quality bras will cost around $50-$75 if not more, unless you can find a good sale.
  • When shopping for bras try on similar sizes of the same bra to determine what fits best.  For example, 34C and 36B  will fit similarly in the cups, but one might work better for you so try them both on.  Your bra gives you support from the band, not the straps so be sure your bra fits snug but comfortably in the band.  If you try on the bra and the little thingy(that’s a technical term) in the front does not lie flat between your breasts go up a band size.  If you are using the last set of hooks when trying on a brand new bra go down a band size.  The second and third set of hooks are to be used as your bra stretches out with wear.  If any part of your breast is overflowing the cup go up a cup size.  If any part of the cup is puckering go down a cup size.
  • Be patient with this process.  Just like you shouldn’t measure your breasts when you don’t feel your best, don’t try on new bras on a bad day either.

Once you find bras that fit great, I promise you will feel like a new woman.  Then I won’t feel like I need to pink slip you when I see you.

Special shoot out to my brave blogger for showing off her before and after in support of better bras for all.

*I looked for a graphic about bra fitting that had the most information and herroom.com won.  They didn’t endorse this post.

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