It was just another Monday morning for me, same old, same old.  Our household AM routine went about as smoothly as it ever does and I actually realized that my son’s lunchbox was still in the fridge before pulling out of the driveway (Score!).  I arrived at work earlier than usual (but still late) and sat down at my desk.  I logged on to my computer and was ready to start my day.

Well, not quite.  First up on my list of things to do was to RSVP to two birthday parties for my oldest daughter.  Yuppers, I said two.  June 22nd is looking pretty good for Miss Addison with laser tag in the morning followed by fun at the farm in the afternoon and two helpings of cake.  Then I remembered that I need to email my daughter’s teacher to let her know that my mom will be attending the end of year school party and ask if there is anything we can bring.  Okay, ready to start work.  Wait, no, I promised my husband that I would order him some new flip-flops, which he needs in time for his trip this upcoming weekend.  He is very particular about wearing comfortable shoes so it’s not something that I can just pick up at the store.  It has to be ordered online and since I love to shop, I get stuck with the job.

Now, almost 30 minutes later, I am ready to start my work day.

My “To Do” list relating to our family’s social and personal affairs sometimes seems never-ending.  It’s like having another job.  What nobody told me when I got married and had kids was that I was going to become a Personal Assistant (PA) for all of my family members and that I would need to make room for all the mundane tasks required to keep everyone’s life in order (and to make sure they have properly fitting shoes).  I’m not complaining really, I’m just looking for some recognition (I think).  You know, a pat on the back or a shout out to say, “Thanks, Mom, for all the little shit you do every day.  You rock!”

Oops!  I just remembered that I meant to register my son for swim lessons and I need to make our dog an appointment with the vet plus I still haven’t made my grocery list and I want to stop at the store on my way home.

Does anyone else sometimes feel like  an under-compensated personal assistant for your husband, kids, and even your pet?  Where’s the overtime and fringe benefits?  I guess I’ll just have to steal some extra snuggles tonight.

It’s all in a day’s work for us moms.  I know I am not alone so let me be the one to give a big shout out to all the other moms keeping the fridge stocked and remembering to make phone calls and emails on a daily basis to keep your families happy.  You all rock!

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