I know it shouldn’t bother me, but it does. When people use the internet as a weapon, it freakin chaps my ass, man. While almost all of the reactions to our Campaign for Judgment Free Motherhood were positive, some of the comments people made from behind the security of made-up usernames were just… mean.

Mean for the sake of being mean. And trust me, I’m not being a crybaby and I’m not saying people aren’t entitled to their own opinions because, HELLO, the whole point of this campaign is to LIVE AND LET LIVE, AMIRIGHT?

But this is bullying and bullying? I judge. I will judge the hell out of bullying. Guess what? It’s wrong and don’t do and just STOP IT NOW. Making snide, personal remarks about people – real people, people with families and feelings, people who make extra time to share their stories so that the rest of us may feel a bit less alone in this terrifyingly amazing journey of motherhood – does nothing but perpetuate the very thing we’re trying to end. It’s an attack and I do take it personally, because I love these women. I love how brave they are. I love how honest they are, how vulnerable, how generous, how accepting they are of not only me, but all of you.

Listen, these women have let me go on and on about my Audrey Audreying Around for months and months and continue to offer me nothing but support and a shoulder to fall asleep on.

They, along with all of you, are warriors. On the front lines every day, willing to take these cowardly and anonymous attacks because, even with those? It’s worth it. Getting the message out that it DOES NOT MATTER if you have one or ten kids, bottle or breastfeed, circumcise or don’t, cosleep, CIO, homeschool, are married, divorced, single, gay, straight, vaccinate late or give birth on your living room FLOOR, so long as we’re all focused on the same goal: to raise decent human beings.

And when I’m pacing the floor with my screaming, non-sleeping, binky-loving two-year-old at 3am? That means everything to me. So while they might let the nasty words of few roll off their backs because they know the rest of us get it, I am pissed. Maybe if I get a little sleep, it’ll matter less to me tomorrow, but today? I’m pissed.

So I encourage you. All of you. To take a second to think before you post a comment anywhere – Facebook, Twitter, a blog – and remember that there are respectful ways to disagree. You’re more likely to get your point across (if there is one other than being hurtful) by being kind than by being a jerk.

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