SO as you all know my hubby and I are trying for our second child which is great but me being a planner and control freak I start to think about things that I may or may not want to do the same or differently with the next pending pregnancy and birth.

With my first child I decided to be TEAM GREEN or a mother who did not decide to find out the sex of my baby. I absolutely loved being surprised because lets be honest as adults we get lots of surprises but a majority are not happy. This was a happy surprise of epic proportion.

It's a fifty fifty shot is not going to be a beaver..

It’s a fifty fifty shot people…it is not going to be a beaver..

One advantage I did not realize until later about being team green is in regards to the baby shower. Because nobody knows whether it is a boy or girl they do not buy you newborn or little outfits and actually buy from your registry. I did not realize this until I started going to friends and families showers that people cannot help but buy adorable outfits for your children (I am totally guilty of this) but honestly they are useless. I never will use a baby tuxedo when he is 2 months old, and they usually just wear footed pajamas, or onesies.

Another advantage was all of my baby gear is neutral and will be used with our future children. I will not be stuck with a blue infant car seat if I have a little girl. I know its not a big deal but it is nice to not feel like I am so gender specific for one kid and not the other.

So I LOVED being team green but think I may find out if I get pregnant again. I am not dead set because it was so much fun, but think it could be good for me to know if I need to buy some girlie clothes later on or can go into the basement for the baby pimp outfit.

Now this is any outfit I should get for a baby shower...

Now this is any outfit I should get for a baby shower…

So ladies I am hear asking you? When I get knocked up again should I go team green or find out the sex? Did you find out with all children? Some or none? Reasons?

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