Have you ever noticed how COOL we are, this current generation of Mothers? I’ve been musing on this lately. Perhaps it’s only the women I surround myself with, but I think it’s far more widespread. I do believe it’s safe to say, that as a whole, the current generation of Mothers is radically hip, sexy, courageous! And here’s why:

* We pierce our noses.

* We get tattoos.

* We make driving mini-vans look cool.

* We know we want to parent a little differently than how we were parented. I do believe we are a generation of Mothers who are stronger, gentler, and really LISTEN to our children. We know that saying of “children should be seen and not heard” is a bunch of bullshit.

* We are system busters and we often challenge “authority” and/or the “experts”.

* We know that our husbands are great fathers and we give them the opportunity to do it…even if they do it differently than we do.

* We know that having sex with our husbands is important in many ways ~ it keeps our connection close and secure and it helps get us the stuff we want. (Sex as a manifestation tool is really powerful!)

* Along those lines, we know there’s no point in faking orgasm to keep their male pride in check.  We tell them what we like and show them how to do it!

* We are not ashamed to say that drinking alcohol makes parenting a little, okay A LOT, easier. We celebrate and embrace our love of imbibing!

* We know how important Mama-Self-Care is! If Mama ain’t happy no one is happy. We know that the best gift we can give our children is a happy Mother.

* We are a generation of explorers! Exploring new ways of being, thinking, working, creating AND new ways of parenting.

* We don’t put up with shit like GMO’s in our food or toxins in our environment!

* We take care of our bodies and make sure our children do too.

* We do cool, wacky things like roller-derby, tough-mudders, and aerial dance (I threw that last one in for me, I just took my first aerial class last week and I’m HOOKED!)

* We know apologizing to our children, as well as admitting when we were wrong, and being flexible are signs of strength and not weakness.

For these reasons and many, many more I am PROUD to be a part of this generation of Mothers. And with love and respect, I give props to the Mothers who came before us, paving the way and giving us the space to bloom into the really freakin’ cool people we are turning out to be.

Happy Magical Monday, from one damn fine Mama to another….♥

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