I can’t be the only one who at some point signed up to get weekly emails from baby center? I don’t even remember signing up but each week I get an email telling me exactly what developmental milestones my child should be hitting.  At first I thought the emails were cute, you know, in the baby stages when you learn about the different stuff your tiny little baby is doing. But now I have a toddler and find that instead of being cute, these weekly emails just cause me unnecessary stress.

Recently I got an email that said this:


My immediate reaction was, ‘Oh shit! My kid isn’t wielding a fork like a pro and she sure as heck isn’t drinking from a cup without spilling.’ Heck we haven’t even really tried to teach her to drink from a cup yet because she still manages to spill milk out of her “spill-proof” sippy cups.

I get it people, I do. On some level I suppose it’s important to generally be aware of developmental milestones so that if there’s a problem it can be addressed sooner rather than later. But do I really need weekly emails taunting me with messages about what my kid should be doing? Is this really helpful?

I can’t help but think of my fellow blogger Randi’s recent piece about expectations. When I choose to not read the baby center emails I don’t really worry about anything regarding my kids development but as soon as I see their expectations for what she should be doing I question myself for a few minutes. I come around pretty quickly to the realization that all kids are different, everyone hits milestones at different times and I know my daughter is developing wonderfully (even if she doesn’t drink out of a cup yet). But it gets me, at least for a few moments.

So from this point on I vow to take these emails with a grain of salt. Perhaps I’ll just unsubscribe or maybe, just maybe, I will be able to accept these emails for what they are – suggestions from an outside source that I can choose to take or leave.


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