For many working parents with preschool and school aged children this week is known as, the “Oh shit, school is over for the summer,” week. This means transitions to new summer camps, the first week at a new daycare center, or with a new daycare provider. As exciting and fun as summer is, this can be a tricky week for working parents.

Luckily for my family this week is known as Mee-Moo week. My preschooler…excuse me, my KINDERGARTENER (how in the hell did that happen?!) packed up and headed off to Vermont to spend time with my parents. Looking back on my childhood I have so many fabulous memories of spending time at my grandparent’s house, specifically, vacationing in Maine with my Grandmother in the summer. I am hopeful that my daughters will have the opportunity to establish life-long memories on their trips to Vermont.

I must admit, I did get slightly emotional when my big girl packed up her stuff and couldn’t get out of the driveway fast enough to begin her adventures. As bittersweet as it is, I’m glad that we have raised a resilient, independent and adventurous daughter. I would much rather her chomping at the bit to go, then crying and clinging to my leg (cause that leg clinger, that was me, and it’s not nearly as much fun!) Having your children stay with relatives can be challenging for parents, it can be difficult to cede control of your children. However, in the end it makes me feel good, makes me more secure in my decision-making, and I love the change that it has over my daughter.


Having my oldest take a week away from our family not only changes her, it changes our family dynamic. For a week my middle daughter gets to play the role of the oldest, which is fun and inspiring to watch. Our youngest is still the youngest, but with our oldest away my husband and I can drop back to playing man-to-man defense rather than zone, and this allows everyone the chance to catch their breath.

So while I’m working this week, my oldest daughter will be building an art closet, visiting museums, cooking, baking, swimming and creating fun memories. All of us left behind are envious!

I hope that my parents and my oldest daughter enjoy this special time together, because next year it will be a whole new story, with my middle daughter in preschool; we will have two young ladies making the trip up the interstate and through the mountains to Mee-Moo’s house they go.

Good luck to all families who are making summer transitions this week…I hope everything goes smoothly!

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