I have a confession to make: I HATE pregnancy advice. And I don’t mean the kind you get from your mother-in-law, I mean the kind you get from EVERYWHERE ~ your doctor, the internet, magazines, books, etc. All that advice is the same: watch what you eat, exercise daily, avoid caffeine, don’t eat shellfish, avoid soft cheeses, don’t get your hair colored, take your prenatal vitamins, take folic acid, don’t gain too much weight, too gain too little weight and blah-blah-blahtitty-blah-blah!

All this advice is EXTERNALLY focused and in my mind falls waaaaay short of what we should ACTUALLY be doing to enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

As a Spirit Baby Intuitive, I can attest that the babies coming in right now carry a very high vibration, are very aware, and really don’t give a shit if we give up blue cheese or not.

Instead of focusing externally, I believe the real work of healthy pregnancies happens internally.  If you were to tune into the Spirit Baby realm for advice, I don’t think they’d tell you that the most important thing for their health and happiness is abstaining from alcohol. I believe they’d tell you things like:

* Raise your happiness quotient. Do you spend most of your time stressed and hurried, or feeling peaceful and accepting? The Spirit Babies want you to embrace ALL your emotions, as that is part of the human experience, but taking measures to feel happier more of the time is VERY healthy for you and them. An easy way to do this is to just ACCEPT your feelings as they come, even if they are feelings that feel yucky. Being gentle with ourselves through-out all the highs and lows is a demonstration of self-love. Something I do when I’m feeling like a craptastic-grump is to tell myself “I love you and I trust you.” Just this simple act of self-love works so much better than trying to force myself out of a bad mood or berating myself for feeling like a craptastic-grump to begin with. Being our own best friends through the highs and the lows is a FANTASTIC way to increase our happiness quotient.

* Work with forgiveness.  And I’m not talking about traditional, sanctimonious forgiveness that says “you were wrong, but I forgive you.” I’m talking about something called Radical Forgiveness, and this a big picture sort of thing. With Radical Forgiveness, you accept that you agreed to play a role in the drama and you also understand that the person who has “wronged” you is also playing out a role ~ a role you BOTH agreed upon before coming to this Earth realm so you could both learn and grown. Often-times that asshole who has wronged you is your best friend and biggest love in the other realms, and when you both get to the other side you’ll be high-fiving each other for playing out your roles so well. Radical Forgiveness is life-changing as it eliminates the victim role…and it makes you realize there is actually nothing to forgive in the first place because this was something all parties agreed to experience. Radical Forgiveness is a game-changer. It changes the relationship between you and the other person and it changes the relationship with yourself. Spirit Babies LOVE Radical Forgiveness!

* Listen to our own bodies. Forget that crap about how much weight we’re supposed to gain, how many extra calories we should eat (or not eat), and how much we are supposed to exercise (or not exercise). If we dumped our doctor, tuned out our mother-in-law and tossed out those disgusting pregnancy books like “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” (worst pregnancy book EVER, in my humble opinion) perhaps we’d be able to listen to our own wisdom. And let me tell you ~ we’re pretty effin’ smart! Some days we’ll want to eat a lot, some days we’ll want to eat a little. Some days we’ll be energetic enough to exercise and other days our bodies are clearly telling us to rest. And our bodies (and babies) will ABSOLUTELY tell us what foods we can eat and what we can avoid. WE CAN BE TRUSTED! (The Spirit Babies are cheering right now!)

* Steer away from advice that makes you fearful. A good rule of thumb, if you hear something that makes you afraid know that it’s a LIE. The Spirit Baby realm does not operate from fear ~ it operates from a place of joy and infinite possibilities. We don’t have to believe or buy into ANYTHING that tells us to be afraid. As an example, I was approached by 2 women within 2 hours for Spirit Baby readings because both were over 40 and afraid something might be wrong with their babies. This makes me sad…no it makes me MAD! They’re not worried because they intuitively feel that something is wrong, they are worried because a doctor put them in a “high risk” category and because they did some internet research. Well, fuck that shit! We DON’T have to conform to those societal beliefs anymore. Our bodies were originally designed to be very healthy for a very long time. We are in a New Energy now that supports this. So, it’s up to us ~ do we want to believe in the limitlessness of our bodies or do we want to fight for our limitations? I know which one the Spirit Babies are rooting for!

* Be a Goddess! Never are we more in touch with creation and Source Energy than when we are pregnant. We should celebrate ourselves and live sensually! Eat decadently and enjoy ourselves. Move in ways that makes our bodies happy! Wear clothes that make us feel beautiful! Have sex with our partners (seriously? Pregnant sex ROCKS!). Honor ourselves by resting. Take more time for ourselves. Try new things. We have an inner fire and a potent creativity when we are pregnant ~ these things should be explored!

So, THAT is some of the pregnancy advice from the Spirit Baby Realm ~ love ourselves, accept ourselves, pamper ourselves, trust ourselves, release drama and victim-hood, chuck fear and limitations out the window, honor our sacred state and live sensually. When we do these things, our vibration increases in frequency to match these magical souls coming in ~ and with a high vibration I’m betting we could even eat some soft cheese with a beer and get away with it…

Happy Magical Monday. ♥


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