I am struggling to find the time to teach my son how to swim.  He is four and depending on who I speak to about his inability to swim on his own, I am either met with gasps or understanding nods.  For our family, it makes the most sense to keep Don in his pre-school/childcare during the summer which means that he will not have the opportunity to attend a camp where he would get access to a pool every day.  Out town pool is open in the evenings a few nights a week, but in order to take advantage of that, both my husband and I will need to be available after work so one of us can care for our 1 year old daughter.  This might happen on occasion, but not frequently enough to teach him to swim.

This week, I will be signing him up for weekly swim lessons.  This is our best option at this point and we’ll just try to bolster his learning with time at the town pool.  It’s at times like these where I feel like my son is losing out by my being a working mom…which I hate typing and feeling. With two parents who were teachers, my summers were always spent swimming.  He is only four though, so I feel like a lot of my issues may be stemming from my comparing myself to others who had their kids trained and ready to swim by age 2.

When all is said and done, my son has a fabulous time at the pool.  He loves swimming with us and jumping into our arms.  I suppose that will have to do until we can help him learn to swim.  If anyone has suggestions or a similar dilemma, I’m all ears.  I am venturing into a new phase on momdum…swim lessons now, soccer in the fall.  Deep breaths.  Here we go.

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