I never take vacation. Not in the “let’s take a full week off from work, go somewhere besides home” kind of way at least. I have a good job, one that comes with vacation benefits. Most of my vacation time is used for sick time and covering doctors’ appointments and various other times I need to leave early for life events. But when it comes to downtime, I usually only take a day or so here and there. And to be honest, those are the days when I leave my daughter at daycare and do a project (is laundry a project?) around the house. That doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

Part of the problem stems from the fact that I am not a planner by nature. The idea of all the little details that go into going away for vacation makes my skin itch. I remember as a child, my family vacations always meant going to a rented cottage on the Cape for a week. My dad would pack the car with such jigsaw-like precision to fit all our stuff with a teeny tiny little space for me to fit in. In fact, I think he would have me get in and pack around me!

My dad would look at this and say, "See? You can fit right...there!" Source

My dad would look at this and say, “See? You can fit right…there!”

I have a panic attack just thinking of all the items they brought along to get us through the week. We spent the week with my aunt and uncle and their kids too so there was tons of coordination involved. Those vacations were awesome and all the planning was well worth it–I have awesome memories from the Cape trips. The organization and planning gene must have skipped me though. I can’t even think about what would go into planning a vacation for my family without feeling light headed. Booking flights or renting a cottage? Packing? Activities? Pet sitter? Clean my house for the pet sitter? OMG. SHUDDER.

I am also not adventurous. I don’t really have a burning desire to see the world’s wonders or explore new regions. I’m sure they’re breathtaking and if you planned a trip for me, I’d probably go and have a great time. But for me to initiate that kind of trip? Eh, not going to happen.

Is she in my living room on the couch?  No?  I give up. Source

Is she in my living room on the couch? No? I give up.

But now I have Zoey. She really wants to go on “bay-cation”. In fact, she even offered her piggy bank money to help pay for it. (Yes, I know. Worst. Mother. Ever.) Then, while I was sitting at swimming lessons last week, one of the other moms asked, “So, what are you planning for Zoey for the summer?” I felt like a total loser telling her the truth-“Um, leaving her at daycare all day?”-, so I made up an elaborate plan of day trips and activities. I am laughing out loud now, thinking about how I must have sounded, babbling away, making shit up. Overcompensate much?

So while I don’t quite have my shit together to go away, I am committing to take a whole week off (11 days in a row actually!) to spend with her. I am committing to making memories with her during the summer before she starts kindergarten. I have some ideas, but now I need to…gulp…plan! I think there will be an aquarium, a beach, a museum and possibly a zoo in our future. I’m sweating a little bit, just writing about it. Maybe I’ll even find the time to put together that furniture from Ikea that I bought her last month and re-do her room. After all, she offered me $50 in play money if I did that! 

"I'm READY!" Um, you'be been ready since February.K. Stevenson

“I’m READY!” Um, you’ve been ready since February.
Photo: K. Stevenson

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