I just realized that the house is quiet.  There’s nobody home but me.  No one is looking.  Even the dog is asleep.  I can do whatever I want for the next TWO HOURS!  There are so many options.  What will it be?  I can hear you laundry…shut up.  Should I watch TV?  I could totally watch something with Channing Tatum in it…maybe a little MAGIC MIKE?  I could…  Or I could take the longest shower I’ve ever taken without interruption.  Oh My God!! Have a little “Me Time”.  Oh that would be nice.  I could give myself a manicure and actually use grown-up colors (Buh-bye Hello Kitty Pink, Hello Vixen Red!)

Hey Mama.  Is that Hello Kitty Pink on your nails?  That's hot.  Source

Hey Mama. Is that Hello Kitty Pink on your nails? That’s hot.

Or I could make myself some breakfast and actually eat it all on my own without “help.” Hot sauce on my eggs?  Oh yeah!  And leave the dishes in the sink for someone else to do!   Ooooh! I could drink a HOT cup of coffee!  Or I could zone out on Facebook and not have to keep showing Zoey all the pictures of the cute kitties and babies.  I could read my book in the daylight instead of the 20 sleepy minutes before bed.

So what will I do?  That’s my secret. It’s just so quiet here…


You have two hours all by yourself.  What would you do?


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