You might have noticed we have a new tab on the top of CTWorkingMoms called Hugs.

We created this new spot so that any mom who needs a pick-me-up can click over and read affirming messages from fellow mamas. We all need a little comforting and reassurance now and then so mamas, this is YOUR spot!

Not only can you read these wonderful little messages but you are strongly encouraged to submit one (or more) of your own. We’ll even take your words of encouragement and turn them into a pretty graphic just like the ones below. The only thing to note is that messages should be on the short side (about 20 words or less). Please take a moment to leave a message, your kind words might be the difference in someone’s day.

A few hugs from other mamas to you:





Help us start to fill up our new Hugs page by leaving your supportive message here!

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