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*Courtesy of One Crafty Mama*

If there’s one dead giveaway for pinpointing a pregnant lady, it has got to be Nesting.  Frantic cleaning of the house, work space, car, every. single. cabinet and drawer.  And when she’s done attacking every single dustable surface within arms reach of a Pledge wipe, the crafting kicks in.  With 8 weeks left to go before my due date, I am that lady.  And when I’m not swiffering, lysol bleach wiping, or taking windex to my window wells, I am crafting decorations for the nursery.  With Jake, I made the mistake of thinking I could sew and make every decorative accent for his room.  And, for the most part, I did.  I sewed his quilt, sewed patchwork table runners for his bookcase and side table, and sewed fabric pennants which hung from his ceiling.  Oh yea.  And I sewed my own diaper bag complete with elastic pockets and hard bottom insert.  This time around not only am I way preggo in the middle of the summer, but Jake is top banana in the priority department, and serious sewing and crafting time is few and far between.

A couple weeks ago I posted up a super easy and very crafty no-sew craft project that I made for babygirl’s room.  I didn’t totally cheat on her, though- don’t worry, her quilt is already sewn and in her crib.  Every kid gets a quilt.  That’s the deal in this house, but everything beyond that is, well, a crapshoot.  But it doesn’t mean you can’t create fun and whimsical decorations for your child’s room yourself, with minimal time and effort.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms are way easy to make, and you can get all of the supplies at your drug store and craft store.  All you need is colored tissue paper, and pipe cleaners or fine gauge floral wire.  The best directions I found to create these fun accents are from my homegirl, Martha Stewart.  You can find her instructions right here.

After you assemble them, you can tie them from a string and then tack them up on the ceiling at varying lengths.

Or, for a fun project with your own kiddos, try making a vase of flowers, via Rust & Sunshine blog!


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