My Momfession?

Hi there, Baby G!

Hi there, Baby G!


I know, I know, this is not the photo of the amazing embryo I talked about just the other week.  I’ve been holding out on you, like I warned you I would, until we were ready to make the announcement.  But here’s our squirmy baby at 15 weeks, pausing just long enough for a photo opp.  We’re so in love already.

I also wanted to take a brief moment to thank the readers (friends, long lost friends, fellow infertility warriors, and strangers alike) for all of your incredible support as you followed us along our journey.  Writing about my TTC experience has been cathartic, with the blog as an outlet for my own emotions and, as I look back on my posts now, a unique documentation of the extraordinary thing that we did.  But, reading your comments each week, getting off-line emails and texts from those of you who are also fighting the same fight, and talking to some of you in person about our journeys, have helped me feel less alone, a little more normal, and very much supported.  I hope I have done the same for you to return the favor.

Now, excuse me while I find myself something to eat, or take a nap, or get emotional over something silly.  Our squirmy baby is wearing me out already–and I’m loving every minute!


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