Look at those Locks!! i am in LOVE!

It’s about that time… My son is two and a half, and we have been getting by trimming his hair with a pair of barber shears, but my husband thinks it’s high time we take him to a kid’s salon and have the pros sculpt Jake’s locks of sweet wispy hair.  I have been fighting tooth and nail over this for some time.  I love my son’s long-ish locks, and he has a set of natural brown and blonde highlights any woman would drop good money to replicate.  He has these sweet little curls that hang right around his ears, and I just love running my hands through them while he’s resting on me at night before bed.  I’m terrified that these locks will be chopped off in seconds, and he’ll start to look older than I’d like.  I’m also secretly terrified that he’ll have a freak out at the hair cutting place and be scarred for life and be forever afraid of a pair of scissors.  My cousin had a similar quandary with her son and put up a poll on her blog to have the readers decide.  In the end she chose cut, but not a decision to be made lightly!

So moms- any tips or ways to bribe a kid into getting them

1.) in the chair for a haircut, and

2.) avoid a freak out as much as possible?

Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?

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