This past weekend my husband and I hosted an adults only summer party. We wanted to celebrate the season with our family, friends, and neighbors.

Planning such an event with three small children is no easy task. So, how, you ask, was I able to master the tasks of party planning, while keeping up with my daily responsibilities, like: laundry, lunch-making, cleaning, baths…oh, and a little bit of work? Simple, I relied on the generosity and skilfulness of the other amazing women in my life. Because as I learned this past weekend, it takes a village to host a party.

My first act of delegating; I made fabulous plans to keep my three girls busy over the weekend of the event. My girls spent the weekend with my Mom, Aunt, and Nana. The six of them spent the weekend enjoying a princess tea party.

The next brick in my wall, was my beautiful sister-in-law, and co-host in crime. She helped me make lists, organize, cook, decorate, and clean-up. Oh, and did I mention that she is six months pregnant, and has a one-year-old…amazing!


This is the juice bar that my sister-in-law assembled!

Last year I wrote a post on the six friends that every working mother needs. I included, a fabulous hair dresser, and I totally bragged about my stylist, Shari. Well, the story gets better, the last time I was in getting my hair done, I mentioned to Shari that I was scrambling around organizing a summer party. Shari is not only a talented stylist, savvy business owner, and working mother, she apparently also moonlights as a pro-bono florist. Check out the pictures of the unbelievable arrangements that she made for the party. As if this woman isn’t out-of-her-mind busy enough, she kindly put these arrangements together, to save me both time and money. Shari is a friend that EVERY woman needs to have!


So beautiful!



So thoughtful and kind.

Our very own blogger, Patty, played a key role in the beverage and entertainment portion of the evening. Between her own three children, her job, and writing a weekly post, Patty was able to make a fruit-man salad, nutty brocoli slaw, drunken gummy bears, AND spent the later portion of the evening making on-demand mudslides for our guests. Oh and I should also mention that she showed up with Can Jam, and a bean bag toss game that kept people occupied for hours.

There were many other friends and family members who went out of their way to make our party successful, and I am very grateful to all of them. As much fun as it was to relax and celebrate, it was even more rewarding to feel the love and support from the many different women in my life. It was a fabulous day!


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