The following is a video that our founding Mother, Michelle Noehren, included in her Friday post “My Love Affair With Kid President.” If you haven’t watched those videos yet, you simply MUST! Really, really, you MUST! In any case, you have another chance to watch one of my favorites right here on Magical Monday. The reason it’s my favorite is because it talks about gratitude being a powerful way to increase happiness. As my daily blessings blog, My Everyday Magic, goes into it’s 4th year I can fully attest that this is true. After awhile of practicing daily gratitude, it becomes a default. All my posters who currently comment have been with me since the beginning and I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing a blossoming in each one of these magical women, as well as myself.

Gratitude, especially gratitude practiced daily, is such a life-enhancer. Are all my days hunky-dory? Hell no! But even on the most craptastic days, I never fail to post some things I’m grateful for, and that can’t help but raise my vibe even for only a few moments. And as I always say, finding the magic in a craptastic day is the most powerful magic of all. The video you’re about to watch (because you ARE going to watch it, right?) says the same thing ~ the person who left the experiment the happiest, was the one who came in the unhappiest.

So no matter how grumpy, tired, or frustrated we may find ourselves this Monday, let’s take a moment to find ourselves GRATEFUL.

This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* My husband, who always knows when I need a break and takes over so I can get one. Bless you, Rabbit!

* The hummingbird couple who come to our window feeder and delight me every time I see them.

* Mexican food.

* My new barefoot runners ~ absolutely LOVE these shoes!

* Finishing the book “Born to Run” ~ one of my absolute favorite books EVER. (Any one who runs or wants to would LOVE this book!)

* The break we’ve had from intense heat.

* Double-stuff oreos.

* My sweet wonderful boys, who even when they are crazy and a tad bit annoying, are still so wonderful and sweet.

Leave this post happier and tell me what YOU are grateful for today!

And without further ado, here is the video: The Science of Happiness ~ An Experiment in Gratitude. (You WILL watch it, won’t you?) Happy Magical Monday! ♥

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