DatePicker_zpsdc8b9289It’s here. The time I was warned about from many of my friends with elementary school-aged children.  It is time to create a family calendar!  As I’ve mentioned before, I love to be on the go.  My husband and I have a pretty packed calendar of hanging out with friends, traveling for pleasure and work, going to events, running in races…which is how we like it.  Don’t get me wrong, we also like weekends where it’s just us and the kids, hanging out around the house, heading to the park or playing in the backyard, but we schedule for those weekends on the calendar too!

I am actually not explaining it entirely correct.  My husband and I may schedule the weekend plans, but I’m the one who actually keeps the calendar.  I keep my husband apprised of when we are doing certain things. It works better that way, and I actually love it and would probably freak out if I didn’t know what we were planned to do at all times.  But I can no longer be the sole keeper of the calendar, now that Don has activities that need to be included in the schedule!

In 2012, I started hanging a wall calendar in the kitchen, where I’d note certain activities that were happening at Don’s child care, so I wouldn’t forget to send him in a certain outfit or with lunch money.  I also listed major weekend activities, so that I could keep better track.  At the same time, I included the weekend activities in my work outlook calendar.  But now that Don is signed up for activities on the weekend and has graduated to the “Fire Fly” room in Pre-School, his schedule is as important and needs to mesh with our schedule.

I’ve always felt odd putting personal activities in my work calendar, thus why I started the wall calendar.  But, the wall calendar is just not going to cut it, especially since I already have things to put in the calendar for next year and feel my anxiety rising at not being able to get it down into the calendar.  That’s when it dawned on me…it’s time.  I recall a friend of mine mentioning she made a google calendar for her family’s schedule.  I just created one, sent the invite to my husband, and plan to fill it in tonight. I also synced it to my phone and ipad.

For a person who once decoupaged her planner during college, having my family calendar at my finger tips, one touch away from my work calendar, is a little bit of heaven.  Does it get any better than this!?  It doesn’t take much folks. Let the scheduling begin!


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