Before we went on vacation last month, Little was doing great with potty training — he was using the potty successfully all day long and even keeping his crib dry at naptime. After vacation? Not so much. We finally got him back on track during his waking hours but naptime was still going badly. Little won’t even be three until October so we knew there wasn’t a huge rush, but since Big was completely dry day AND NIGHT by age two-and-a-half, my mister and I felt some self-imposed pressure to keep Little on track.

The new nanny suggested that we move Little from his crib to a big boy bed and put a potty in his room. At first we were aghast. WHAT?! And let him out of his cage?! You must be crazy!! We were hoping to keep Little in his cage crib for as long as possible because we were afraid all hell would break loose once he was free. Although he’s a pretty happy guy most of the time, when he loses it, he loses it in a major way. How would we possibly sleep knowing that he was at large in the house?

Pretty swank for a cage.
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When we got over our initial, knee-jerk reactions, my mister and I remembered that we’d had a similar setup for Big. He’d moved into his big boy bed a little after age two and he’d had the potty in there. He would get up from his nap, use the potty, and get back in bed, no problem. Did we dare hope that Little would be the same? There was only one way to find out.

Down came the crib. I was excited to make this change and had been thinking for several days about how to decorate the room. I wanted to make it special and themed for a big boy instead of for a baby to emphasize the change for Little. When I actually dismantled his crib and realized all the baby stuff was coming down, though, I started to cry. Our little baby is not a little baby anymore and that made me sad. I’ve written before about saying goodbye to baby things but I guess I didn’t realize that there were still more goodbyes to come. I’ll probably feel this way at the end of every stage of their lives and I should just get to used to it.

We’d originally bought an accompanying bed frame so that we could convert the crib into a bed when the time came. When the time finally did come five years later . . . I realized it was a FULL size frame. We’d misremembered it as a twin, so we didn’t have a mattress, sheets, or anything. Little’s room is very small, too, so we figured a full size bed wasn’t really going to work in there anyways.

Luckily, our kids have shown themselves to be more resilient in many ways than we are. Little didn’t miss his crib one iota. In fact, for the first two weeks of the switcheroo, his “big boy bed” was really just a twin mattress on the floor.   He didn’t care.  You should have seen his face when he walked in and saw all of his new superhero stuff for the first time!


Just Little, Sulley, Snoopy, Clifford, Rex, a pillow, a taggie blanket . . . how did all this stuff fit in his crib??
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Guess what? Since then, Little has kept his bed dry every naptime but one! He gets up, pulls his undies down, takes them all the way off, goes pee, and then gets back into bed half-naked to finish his nap. I’ll take it!!

This weekend we finally got around to making the hour-long trip down to Ikea to get him a proper bed frame. ASIDE: I’m now adding “Doctorate in Ikea Furniture Assembly” to my resume and am available for hire. END OF ASIDE. His room is so great now! He did fall out of bed within three hours of bedtime Sunday night, so the bed rail went up immediately thereafter. Little loves the drawers under his bed and the bookshelf in his headboard.  We all love it because it’s roomier, brighter and more functional. It’s definitely the kind of room that a Big Boy deserves!


Rainbows and superheroes.
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Little calls this his “secret hiding place” or “Batman’s cave.”
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Now to work on keeping his bed dry overnight . . .


“Hey there, wanna check out my new bed?”
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