This was “A’s” second week of summer camp! I’m happy to report that he is having a blast. According to his first letter home, the highlight of his trip was going SCUBA diving and seeing a submerged cinder block and tree log (I suppose that’s pretty awesome for a 10 year-old).


Hello Mudder…Hello Fadder….

He made whoopee pies, tried fencing, archery, and kayaking, and went on a deep-sea fishing trip. This isn’t camp – this is a freaking luxury resort!


Just another night on the lake…

Hubs and I have been taking full advantage of our freedom and have discovered the benefits of living child free:

1) Sleeping (natch) – Waking up any time after 6am is a luxury, but getting up at 8am…unheard of!

2) Having the iPad to myself – I didn’t have to compete with a 10 year-old Minecraft obsessed child for use of the family electronics. Mine…mine….(bwhahahah).

3) Going to swanky New York City rooftop bars – that hasn’t been part of my life for a decade. I am clearly no longer hip – but I’m ok with that.


View from chic rooftop bar…haven’t seen that in awhile!

4) Going to lunch at a place that is not a deli and does not sell pizza or any form of chicken nugget.

5) No sporting events.  Not one! Not even on TV!

6) Wandering. Before we had kids we would spend days exploring cities, small towns, and country roads. This weekend we had time to do that and discovered a great ice cream shop and a beautiful seaside bird sanctuary.


If you’re ever in Milford, CT, check out this ice cream spot!


Wildemere Beach Community Park home of egrets, purple martins, and other shoreline birds.

7) Sex with the door open.

8) A clean car – no food wrappers, empty water bottles, or random pieces of clothing are left in the back seat.

9) Not having to make dinner. If we’re not hungry at dinnertime, we don’t eat.

10) Laundry…or lack thereof. This week I did 4 loads of laundry: sheets, towels, colors, whites.

That said…I am still missing my kiddo like crazy and obsessively checking the camp’s website for pictures. We finally had our one allotted camp-to-home phone call on Wednesday. It was such a joy to hear his little voice on the other end of the phone. I can tell that he misses us as much as we are missing him and I can’t wait till Saturday when we’ll pick him up!

Goodbye sleep, hello hugs.


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