We all have guilty pleasures…you know what I’m talking about, something that we enjoy despite feeling guilty for enjoying it. It could be watching ‘American Pickers’, standing in front of the open freezer eating ice cream out of the container, cyber stalking the cute guy from the cafeteria, you get the point.

Rather than guilty pleasures, have you ever looked at your children and had guilty wishes? As parents we spend night and day hoping our children are happy, healthy, well-rounded, and safe. But…have you ever looked at your daughter on the playground and thought to yourself, “God, I really wish she doesn’t end up with my Aunt Betty’s cankles!” As guilty as you might feel for wasting time thinking about a superficial characteristic, there are some parents who genuinely would be pissed if their gorgeous little girl inherited Aunt Betty’s cankles, and you know what, as parents, we should be embracing each other’s guilty wishes.

Yes, as parents, at the end of the day, we all want the same basic things for our children; to survive and thrive in this crazy world, but let’s cede the judgement and work on being more open with one another about the less important, superficial, fun, and wacky things we REALLY wish for our children, but feel too guilty about to share.


This is me, not judging the guilty wishes you have for your children.

Allow me to start:

I wish that at least one of my children is a good athlete. Good, as in, captain of the varsity basketball team, name in the paper, and plays in college. Some days when I’m working on throwing, catching, and bike riding skills with my 3 and 4-year-old, and they exhibit extreme clumsiness, and a total lack of interest in all things physical, I want to cry.

I wish for my girls to have good hair. Right now my oldest daughter has straight, light brown hair. My middle daughter has dirty blonde hair that is curly, in an unruly way, and my youngest daughter is, for the most part, bald, with strawberry blonde hair. I really hope that they all end up with beautiful hair, I would really hate for two of them to have beautiful hair, and one to be stuck with thin, messy, tresses.

I wish for my girls to make fun, smart, responsible, caring, life long friends who will support them through all the craziness that life throws at them.

I wish that my girls do not inherit the body shape from my Nana’s side of the family (sorry Nana, just being honest and keeping it real). To give you an idea, my Gigi (my Nana’s mother), may she rest in peace, has always been described by her children as five feet tall and five feet wide.

I wish that my girls do not end up with my husband’s toe nails, enough said.

I wish for my girls to be the life of the party (Yes, I realize this could come back and bite me in the ass later.)

Share away, what are the guilty wishes you have for your children. It’s judgement free here people, so come on, let the superficialness flow…you will feel better, I promise!


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