It's a Boy

From the moment I shared the news that I was expecting a little boy, people would say things like, “wait until you see, boys are SO much different!”  Now here we are, my son almost 11 months old, and people are still talking the gender talk – only now they want to know, “isn’t it SO much different having a boy?”  “Isn’t he SO much different than the girls were?”

I have to admit, I am somewhat baffled.

He has different equipment, sure.  People buy him blue clothes instead of pink and toy trucks instead of dolls, yes, but that’s about all I can think of as far as differences due to gender go.  Now, he’s different than my daughters in the sense that he is an individual.  However, my daughters are different from each other in this same way.  My son is a bigger baby and he eats more than my daughters did at this age but surely that is not what people are talking about since that has nothing to due with the fact that he is a male.  I totally get that later in life, the bond between a mother and a son is different than the mother-daughter relationship but that still doesn’t explain why people are asking me NOW about how much different my little boy is.

So far, it has not been different having a boy.  We have changed diapers and relived the 0-11 month milestones.  He’s made me laugh.  He’s made me cry.  He likes to play and snuggle.  He is my baby and I love him unconditionally but I can’t say that it’s been a whole new experience any more than having my second daughter was a whole new experience from having my first.

For me, having a little boy has been just like having a little girl.  He’s another little miracle.

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