Last week, I wrote about the cousins from across the ocean. Today, I would like to acknowledge my daughter’s awesome cousins we have right here in Connecticut.


These are the best cousins any kid could ever ask for. We have all been on vacation together in Cape Cod this week and they have been extremely helpful to me and my husband in watching our wild child. It has been so great watching them grow up to become fun and independent children. Don’t get me wrong, they fight like cats and dogs, and sometimes they teach my kid to do so as well, but they love my daughter to pieces.


My niece Olivia is age 12, going on 25. She is beautiful, smart, and sassy and shares her love of music, especially One Direction and Harry Styles, with my daughter. Olivia’s entrance into this world helped prepare me for motherhood. I was able to witness all of the amazing milestones and challenges before having a child of my own. She teaches my daughter about all things girly and my daughter just adores and looks up to her.


My nephew Joey is funny, stubborn, and very nurturing. He is very protective of his cousin and many times acts like her bodyguard. Even though my daughter reciprocates his protection and love with shouts of “Go away Joey!” he adores her nonetheless.

My daughter does not have siblings of her own, which is why I am so glad she has cousins with which to develop a unique bond. In fact, it’s probably the ideal relationship because they don’t see each other every day, so they can’t get on each other’s nerves as much and the time spent together is special.

As summer winds down, I am grateful that we were able to spend so much of it with family. Especially with these kids that make it all the more chaotic fun and meaningful.

What do you love most about your children’s relationships with their cousins?


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