What’s more stressful than going through an IVF cycle?  Going through said IVF cycle while buying a house!


We had been looking…and looking…at houses for some time but, as it happened, the same month we did our IVF cycle happened to be the month we found, and closed on, our new house.  In fact, the day we did our embryo transfer (and, although we didn’t know it at the time, the day we got pregnant) was the day we found out our offer on the house was accepted.  It was an amazing day, but talk about piling it on!


We joke about what other major life events we can accomplish in the next few months but, really, we have our hands full.  And we haven’t even had the baby yet!  Just like any homeowners, we bought our house with the expectation of a few projects—some paint, then a kitchen overhaul in time for Thanksgiving, then the nursery.  And, just like any homeowners, we find ourselves with many extra, unexpected projects.  Before we could even start our planned renovations, we discovered faulty plumbing in our downstairs bathroom and, pleasantly, a leak in our roof right above our bed.  In one week’s time, we had bought paint for the downstairs rooms, plus new plumbing supplies and a tarp for our roof.  Another busy week, with more unexpectedness piled on.


But this is what it’s all about, isn’t it?  Homeownership, parenthood and, well, life?  Expect the unexpected while you’re expecting, and beyond.  Even when some things feel so planned out, like the process of closing on a house and how we got pregnant, there is plenty of room in life for surprises and twists and turns.  I say, the piling-on?  Bring it on!

Our new house--now with a blue tarped roof! photo credit genagolas

Our new house–now with a blue tarped roof!                   photo credit genagolas


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