I’m keeping it simple this Magical Monday with a list of daily blessings (frankly, I’m a bit grumpy this morning and finding things to be grateful for always lifts my mood, if even for just a few minutes). So here we go!

This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* Beautiful friends who help me with technical website stuff. Michelle Noehren, you’re making my morning right now. Thank you! ♥

* The growing energy around my website, Love From Baby, and how open women are becoming to pre-birth communication. This makes my heart sing!

* My hubby and I went to Mohegan Sun last night to see Theresa Caputo (Long Island Medium) and I dreamt about the experience all night, thinking I might have gotten some info that I needed.

* My hubby is  being very patient with my grumpy mood this morning, letting me vent and giving me comfort.

* Our babysitters are really wonderful and I’m so happy to have them.

* French Onion Soup for dinner last night.

* Gas-X is a welcome little pill in my body right now!

* I’m loving my Merrell Barefoot Runners! Best running shoe EVER.

* My aerial silks class is so challenging and awesome. Each week I’m getting stronger and able to do things I wasn’t able to do the week before. I’m totally addicted.

* Even though I’m grumpy, I trust my journey, I trust myself and I trust that this too shall pass.

* Thinking an apple cider donut and some raw milk might be in order for breakfast.

* Knowing that a craptastic mood can turn around in an instant.

Thanks for reading this Magical Monday post. I hope you find some beautiful everyday things to be grateful for, Dear Sisters, no matter what your mood. ♥


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