I’ve had a series of false starts with this week’s blog post. I have had several topics up there that I have decided not to publish. Each topic has been inspired by the fact that my husband’s entire extended family is currently staying with us. Most of our houseguests will be leaving at the end of this week. For my parents-in-law, however, the duration of their stay is currently undefined and unknown. Even in the best parent-in-law / child-in-law relationships, anything more than a two-week stay is way too long, and my in-laws have a tendency to stay WAYYYYYY longer than two weeks.

In reading every single post that I drafted, I came to realize that the topics became nothing other than rants about something they were doing; a post looking for sympathy, or one that just made me feel better about complaining. Writing the posts was therapeutic in the sense that I “got it all out” but it also was a bit dangerous in the sense that it made me silently fume about whatever “unreasonable” thing that was going on. What it also did was make me look like an immature, rude daughter-in-law that does not have the patience to endure my in-laws (OK, I at least need to get this little digger in – they are the most HIGH MAINTENANCE people ever… now I feel a little better…).

The golden rule about social networking and electronic communication, be it Facebook, twitter, blogging, forums, and email is that you don’t write something strictly on the basis of emotion – you wait a few minutes before hitting SEND or POST, and think twice about whether whatever you write will come back to bite you in the butt. So in the interest of not smashing my in-laws because they are, after all, family whether I like it or not, I deleted every single post.

So, I will leave you with what was pretty much the message in all of my posts, without all the juicy stories, ranting, and complaining:

When it comes to Motherhood and sharing your children with your extended family, stick to your guiding principles and morals, but learn when to pick your battles. If whatever is happening is more of an annoyance than anything else, try to take the high road. Grit your teeth, be patient, and pretty soon (!!!! hopefully !!!!), everyone will be out of your hair. Showing family unity in front of your children is much more important than dealing with a little bit of an inconvenience.

As a parting sentiment, I am asking you all for one favor – KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED FOR ME that this visit from my in-laws will be shorter rather than longer, because if not, I will not have any teeth left to grit since I will have totally ground them totally down. Dentures at 40? No thanks…

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