My family and I spent last week vacationing on Block Island (one of our favorite destinations)! I have found over the years that when you mention the Block, people either quickly say “I love that place,” or they say something along the lines of “how can you spend a whole week there?  What is there to do?” and so on and so forth.

Sunset north light

For those of you unfamiliar, Block Island is a small island (only about 10 square miles) off the Rhode Island coast and if you love relaxing in a naturally beautiful setting, then put Block Island on your vacation bucket list.  If you need big city life and lots of bells and whistles to enjoy your vacation, then Block Island probably isn’t the place for you.  There is a quaint little town with a few restaurants, bars and shops, a petting zoo, and a playground.  You can rent kayaks and paddleboards, as well as bikes and mopeds.  There is an abundance of picturesque beaches, both sandy and rocky and miles of nature trails to explore.  Historic lighthouses sit at the north and south ends of the island.  For us, renting a house here is a perfect summer getaway.

Here are 5 new things that I learned on our most recent trip to the Block:

1.   Every runner should jog on the beach at least once – This summer, I started running regularly for exercise and I took advantage of the beautiful island setting by taking a 3 mile barefoot beach run.  The sea breeze in your hair and splashing toes in the surf is something all runners should experience!

2.   Treasure hunting and playing in the sand are fun for all ages – My family and I spent a ton of time looking for shells, one-of-a-kind rocks and seaglass and we also built some impressive sandcastles.  I can honestly say that we all had a blast!

3.   70 Degrees is warm enough for swimming – I am known to whine about being cold and I hardly go anywhere without bringing a sweater.  It’s the truth.  Swimming in the chilly ocean waters is not something I would typically do with an air temp under 80 degrees.  However, my daughters taught me this year that 70 degrees on a sunny day is great weather for swimming in the ocean!

4.   Little boys are not afraid of live crabs – My 11 month old son did not hesitate to pick up a live horseshoe crab.  Ew!

5.   We are not doing enough to reduce, reuse and recycle – I couldn’t help but notice and be disturbed by the amount of trash washed up on the beaches and left around the island.  Plastic bottles, plastic bags, and balloons with ribbons were the most common offenders.  My daughters and I picked up garbage left on the beach to try to do our part.  Please be vigilant about teaching your children the importance of being green.

Plastic bags don't belong here!

Plastic bags don’t belong here!

What did you learn on your vacation this year?

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