I am not a morning person.  There.  I said it.  I’m not sure if I ever have been, but it seems like since I’ve become a mom, I feel like a zombie when my alarm goes off.  I don’t know if I’m just that tired, or if it’s that I dread what’s to come: the race to get up and out the door.

My morning routine is atrocious.  My alarm goes off at 6:00 and because I’m just not into it, I tend to drag my feet when I have to get ready.  I even *gasp* hit snooze some days!  My daughter is usually still sleeping so I stumble into the kitchen to get some coffee.  Then I get in the shower.  I hate getting in the shower but love being in the shower, if that makes sense.  I lose track of time while I’m in there.  Taking long showers never seems to wake me up; it only delays the inevitable chore of getting dressed.  I do not love anything in my closet right now and it’s a bit of a disaster to just get into the closet itself.  Lots of unfolded laundry blocking my way.  I usually find something somewhat professional to jam myself into after a couple of tries.  Don’t even get me started on the shoe hunt that happens next.

By the time I have clothes on, Zoey (also not a morning person) has found her way to me with one eye open.  I get her set up with some breakfast so I can finish getting ready and start making her lunch.  Depending on her mood, I’ll get her dressed right away or give her the necessary snuggles.  Some days the snuggles are necessary for her, some days they’re necessary for me.  Then I plop her in front of the TV so I can finish getting ready.  I still have to dry my hair, put on some makeup and make my own lunch.  This summer has been easier because my husband, a teacher, has been around to make her lunch most days and make us breakfast smoothies.

So NOT a morning person.

She’s never been a morning person.

Even with that time savings, I am still running around like a mad woman trying to get us out the door.  As soon as we’re dressed and at least one of us is fed, we grab all of our bags and head to the car-backpack and lunch box and possibly a baby doll for Zoey, purse and carry-all for me-we look like a couple of pack rats.  If I haven’t forgotten anything in the house, or if no one has to pee, it’s off to daycare drop-off and then to work for me.  We usually leave the house by about 7:50.  Yeah, did I mention that work starts at 8 for me and it takes about 40 minutes to drive there?  If I haven’t painted a good picture of chaos, let me add a soundtrack for you: Picture me, screeching at Zoey to “COME ON!!! LET’S GET GOING! GET DRESSED! PUT YOUR SHOES ON! EAT! GRAB YOUR STUFF! COME ON!!” and her replying with “I need to play my guitar!  I have to dress my babies!” and so on…

Where the time actually sucks off to, I have no idea.  I’ve been told that I’m (ahem) not the most efficient in the mornings.  I’ll accept that.  I’m pretty scatter brained.  We have a one-story house but it’s long.  I spend most of my morning hoofing it back and forth, from one end to the other.  Some days I’m tired from all the laps I do (in heels).  I am lucky that I have a very understanding boss.

Here’s the rub: In two weeks, my girl goes to kindergarten.  Real school!  With a real on-time deadline!  Her bus will be at the bottom of our driveway at 7:20 people!  Seven freakin’ twenty. Sometimes, she’s not even awake until 7:30!  So what’s a frazzled mom to do?

I know that in the next two weeks I need to make some changes.  I need to get to bed earlier, that’s for sure (But there’s so much good TV on right now to catch up on! And my book! It’s sooo good!).  Maybe more sleep on the front end will make my bed seem less like it’s full of glue in the mornings.  I am going to start making our lunches the night before.  It’s back-to-school for my husband too, so he’ll be getting himself out the door even earlier than us which will just add to the chaos.  What else can I do to help us get out the door, besides a total personality transplant?  Are you trying to get your routine ready now for the back to school?  Hit me up in the comments with your suggestions.  I’ll take all the help I can get.  Seriously, if you want to show up at my house each morning to help, I’ll take it.

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