My thanks to Sir Mix-A Lot for giving me the idea, and for borrowing his intro.

Oh my god

Becky look at her bag

it is SO big

She looks like one of those CT Working Moms

Who understands those ladies

They only talk to each other because they’re total mommies

I mean her bag

It’s just so big

I can’t believe it’s so deep


What can I say I like big bags?  Exhibits A  and B:

family pics 001

family pics 001-2

Both photos credit S. Fuss
Sorry for all the pics of my backside. It’s really hard to find pictures of yourself carrying a bag and Honey likes to take pictures of me walking away. Hmm…


Here’s a better look at the latest mom bag.
photo credit C. Fuss

Somewhere along the way I stopped carrying a diaper bag and gave up the dream of ever carrying a cute little bag again and so I embraced the “mom bag”.  More specifically, the mom tote.  There is nothing stylish about this accessory at all.  It’s purely utilitarian and I’m OK with it.  I used to try to cram everything I needed into cuter, smaller, more expensive styles but then I broke my $150 Boden bag shoving it full of the kids’ junk and that was the end of my dance with bag greatness.  My latest mom bag I got for $15 at Marshalls.  Most people would consider it a beach bag.  Not I, although I do like that people might think I’ve just returned from a sandy local.  Although that’s partially true if you count the sand box at the park.

I still have young children which means they come with stuff.  Thankfully we are mostly past the extra clothes phase, but Kitten is still in diapers so I have to put that stuff somewhere.  The problem with the mom bag is that I become the holder of the stuff.  And that stuff rarely gets taken out of the bag.  A recent look inside my bag for gum revealed: a slinky, a diaper (even though diapered child was not with me), the town pool pass, restaurant napkins, a bag of wipes, EOS lip balm, my phone, my sunglasses case, my distance glasses case, and the lanyard for my work keys and ID (even though I’m not working right now).  Ironically, there was no gum.

I’d like to think that when Kitten’s a bit older I can downsize back to a “real” bag.  Recently I’ve been coveting more sophisticated less momish totes like this:

Alas, it may have to wait awhile. Until then, when you need to smuggle snacks into the movies, or throw your quick  store purchase somewhere, I’m your girl.

Baggu doesn’t know I wrote this post, I just really like the bag.

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