Last week you may recall my post about Push Gifts.  As you can tell, being preggo (36 weeks) I have little else on my mind except for hoping and praying for a quick and easy delivery, followed by a happy and healthy brand new baby girl.

When I had my son two years ago, I was introduced to the concept of a Push Mix.  Essentially it is a music playlist of songs to listen to during labor.  Most hospitals these days have all of the modern conveniences of home- including sound systems in the birthing rooms- so that the Mom-to-be can listen to music to help her push her way to motherhood.  A lot of push mixes I found online had your typical finds- Salt n’ Pepa’s Push It (obvs), slow songs to help calm a laboring woman while she’s breathing in the beginning, as well as fast music to amp her up for the impending pushing marathon.  Other push mixes had some of the mom and dad’s favorite songs that they wanted to introduce their child to once exiting the birth canal.

Taking all of this into consideration, here are some of the songs on my Push Mix from two years ago:

“Fancy”- Drake, ft Swizz Beatz & T.I.

“Empire State of Mind”- Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys

“Super Bass” -Nicki Minaj

“Moment for Life”- Nicki Minaj ft. Drake

“Tik Tok”- Ke$ha

“Your Love is my Drug”- Ke$ha

“Bad Romance”- Lady Gaga

As you can tell, I was going for the amped up, edgy, let’s get this push party started type of playlist.  I loaded my iPhone up with these, and a few others, and was ready to hook it up to the sound system in my delivery room.  But, once we got to the hospital, we discovered the stereo in the birthing room was outdated to the point that it did not have an AUX hook up.  So, no push mix.  In thinking of songs to play this time around, I think I would still go with this list, among a few newcomers.  Normally I’m a Jimmy Buffett, Feist, Lykke Li listener with a mostly mainstream edge, hello “Titanium” -David Guetta & Sia and ANYTHING by Ke$ha, but for the big push party? It’s edgy rap and pop all the way baby! (pun intended).

So what would you have on your push mix? Meaningful songs? Calming sounds of beach waves and whales singing?  Or are you like me- hot on the Billboard top 100 countdown?


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