As soon as my daughter started to crawl, she was on the move and ready to explore. Nothing and no one could get in her way of exploring her surroundings. From a very early age she adapted a fearless mind and despite my fears of her getting hurt or being overly confident, I am glad she is the way she is.

She is now almost sixteen months old and this past weekend we met up with friends who have a three-year old at a local bookstore. We traveled to the children’s section where there is even a place for the children to play and for the parents to sit back and sip some coffee.

Most baby girls at this age would try to sit close to their mother or pick up some books and read. No, not my daughter, she decided to walk up to the three-year old boys playing with trains. She looked at them in the face and smiled as she took their trains away from them. One boy tried taking it away from her and she clearly did not allow that to happen.

As she enjoyed playing with them, it brought such a big smile to my face to see that my daughter is comfortable and fearless in her own skin.

Do you remember at what age you started to see your children’s personalities grow?


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